Saffron’s botany

Plant Anatomy (Botany)

botany1In scientific terminology, saffron is reffered to as crocus sativus from Iridaceae species. It’s a plant with 10-30 cm height which grows from bulbs with 5 cm diameter . The flower is purple in color and quite fragrant which blooms between october til november. Its deep lavender purple – veined flowers house long scarlet stigmas (the pollen- receptive portions of the female pistils) that can be plucked and dried to make the highly prized spice saffron.

It grows in Mediterranean area and west of Asia where the winter is cold and wet; and the summer is very hot and dry.

Planting saffron

aboutsaffron1Saffron grows from corm bulbs which are planted in rows or clusters. Bulbs are planted from late spring til early Autumn but the best time for planting saffron is recommended to be late spring. The bulbs are first put within 15-20 cm depth in the soil and then they are irrigated. The bulbs should be planted deep enough in order to be protected from external heat or frost.