In line with our goals, the Persian Flower Phenomenon (Padide Gole Parsian) company has established a modern laboratory equipped with modern machines and facilities. It has two sections: Micro-biotic and physic-chemistry. All the significant factors of saffron (including added color tests, moisture percentage, quality of color, austereness, and aromatic quality, and etc.), and microbiotic tests are done here under the rules of Iran’s national standards (259-1).

Saffron standards are shown in the following table:


Ref. Title Standard Number Last update
1 Saffron-characteristics 1-259 March 2004
2 Saffron-laboratory manual 2-259 May 1998
3 Sampling saffron 3659 September 1996
4 Saffron-Microbial characteristic and lab manual 5689 September 2002
5 Saffron (Crocus sativus linnaeus) specification 3632-1 December 2003
6 Saffron (Crocus sativus linnaeus) test method 3632-2 December 2003